Marathon Carriages

A Pleasure carriage is generally more light and fragile than marathon carriages. It is made with style and elegance in mind. See the pleasure carriages available for sale in your area here.

1-seat Wagon

$1,700.00 USD

Doctor's Buggy

$2,500.00 USD

Vis-a-vis carriage

$5,000.00 USD

wicker backed wagonette

$2,200.00 USD

Rare Ralli Cart

$5,700.00 USD

Premier 4-5 Seat Hand Crafted Oak Carriage

$3,200.00 USD

Amish Built Meadowbrook Cart w/ Harness

$1,500.00 USD

Tandem Gig

$5,000.00 USD

Hurry, Convertible Carriage $2,400.00 Over 5K new!

$2,400.00 USD

Elegant Cut-under Natural Wood Surrey

$4,200.00 USD

Pleasure Carriage

$1,800.00 USD

Victorian wedding carriage

$6,500.00 USD

Miller & Yoder Carriage

$4,000.00 USD

Estate Sale Amish Restored Doctors Carriage

$6,000.00 USD


$3,500.00 USD

Bennington Multi Sport

$7,500.00 USD

Meadowbrook cart

$1,200.00 USD

New Brewster Root Seat Brake Reproduction

$13,000.00 USD